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Welcome to the STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy, the premier training facility for the STARFLEET Marine Corps. We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from Leadership to the study of the Jem'Hadar. Courses are designed around the SFMC and the role that it plays in the Star Trek universe. The SFMCA's curriculum has been designed to be offered exclusively to the members of the STARFLEET Marine Corps and STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., and is free of charge and is available through email.

The SFMCA is constantly working to provide new subjects and areas of study for your enlightenment and entertainment. So be sure to check back often for new courses of study.


State of TRACOM March 2014

Well, it seems that another month has passed into the past. (See what I did there? Passed/Past? Never mind.)

Well, we welcomed a new member of the TRACOM staff this month, SMAJ John Radle has joined us as the Sergeant M

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State of TRACOM February 2013

Good Evening Folks!

Well, the good news is is that spring has got to be just around the corner, right?

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Sergeant Major - TRACOM/NCO Branch Director (Awai

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State of TRACOM January 2014

Good Evening!

Well, another month has passed, and I was just beginning to get used to writing January on my checks. Ok, that's a lie. I don't write checks anymore.

Well, our first order of business this month is to say g

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State of TRACOM December 2013

Good Day and Happy New Year!

2013 was an interesting and productive year in TRACOM. We undertook a major project to renumber all of the courses to a 3 digit numbering system. This was done so that we can expand our offerings at the SFM

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State of TRACOM - September 2013

Well crud. This is late. Again. My apologies.

September was a slow month here at TRACOM, but the Academy was up and running with 57 exams graded, 14 Distinction, 16 Honors, and 27 Pass.
Congrats to all of our students!

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