Team Delta Inductees

Team Delta

This page lists the individuals who have been inducted into Team Delta. These are members of the SFMC who have distinguished themselves from the other students of the SFMCA through their work and detailed, in-depth knowledge of the various material that makes up the SFMCA. Induction into Team Delta is permanent and those that have been inducted can be easily be spotted by the black double knotted cord attachment that they wear on their uniform.  The Loop Cord is readily available from Glendale Industries (  The necessary SKU numbers are: 482BK (loop cord without a pin) and 482PBK (loop cord with a pin).
2010 Inductees (First Group Inducted)
  • William John Hof
  • James "Fireball" Maarsingh
  • Eric Schulman
  • Jerry Stoddard
  • Michael John Timko III
  • Honor Inductees:
  • Scott A. Anderson Sr.
  • Michael J. McGowan
  • James William Monroe
  • Sean Niemeyer
  • John Roberts

  • 2011 Inductees
  • Travis Littou
  • Josiah Smiddy
  • Honor Inductees:
  • Bruce O'Brien
  • John Kane 

  • 2012 Inductees
  • Brian Pickett
  • Ed Wandall
  • Marc Easterly
  • Honor Inductees:
  • Lauren Niemeyer
  • Mark Polanis
  • Shane Russell

  • 2013 Inductees
  • Liam Smith
  • David May
  • Mark Anderson
  • Honor Inductees:
  • Gary Hollifeld Jr.
  • Julie Rickard
  • Jill Rayburn