State of TRACOM February 2012


Things are a little crazy at the moment at TRACOM HQ so I'll be keeping this very very short.

As I announced a few minutes ago, Tiny Hollifield is in the hospital and in need of all the prayers/good wishes/etc. you can send his way. I'll be covering his duties until his return.

Shane has resolved his computer issues and is working the ADC backlog as quickly as possible. Overdue e-certs should be forthcoming Corps-wide.

The application period for the Infantry Director post is still open for a few more days. Anyone who has not yet applied for the post but is interested should make application as soon as possible.

The Numbers:

January saw 204 grades issued to 57 students.
The First half of February (1-15) saw 110 grades issued to 30 students.

Final Notes:
It is again becoming a problem that Course Requests are being directed to the wrong people. This is happening because the Request Form is not being filled out correctly. In order for your request to be processed in the most timely fashion possible, students MUST make sure that on the first drop-down menu, you select the correct school. Please be careful when filling out this form.

Thanks for your time.

Michael McGowan
OIC, 225th MSG

Posted: November 2012 SFMCNewsBot