State of TRACOM April 2012

Greetings Marines!


In March, 2012, the SFMCA posted a total of 168 grades for 54 unique students. Numbers are a bit down, but there were some site issues that interfered with people taking courses. I'm pretty sure the numbers will return.


I am still accepting applications for the Maritime Operations Director and will continue to do so until the 30APR12.

To recap; requirements for are listed below.

1. All TRACOM Staff members must have completed PD-10 (Marine Basic Training), PD-20 and OTS;

2. Must be a member in good standing of STARFLEET;
3. Be at least 18 years of age;
4. Branch Directors must have completed every course offered by their Branch up to and including the –30 level coursework (Bachelor’s of Military Science);
5. If a staff member is appointed to a position within TRACOM, and that person has not completed the requirements for the position, he/she shall have 60 days to complete the requirements or be asked to resign the position;
6. All candidates should review the TRACOM Policies and Procedures
Manual paying close attention to the duties outlined in sections 3.01, 3.02, 3.04 Doctrine Section sub-section Branch Directors, and section 3.05 IN FULL.

Please send your ‘Fleet resume, a letter of intent, and why you feel you would make a valuable addition to the Training and Doctrine Command Staff to me at tracom@sfi-sfmc.org.

Good luck to all candidates and I look forward to having to making a
difficult decision in May.

TRACOM's HQ Staff with help from the various SFMCA Directors, have completed creation of an exam we call CO-10 SFMCA Sampler. The is currently being tested by Region 20. If successful, this will be made available Corps wide as a recruiting tool.
The concept of the SFMCA Sampler Exam is to provide prospective recruits with a sampling of what the SFMCA offers which doesn't require our manuals to successfully complete. It offers no credit but is there just to provide people with an idea of what we offer.

That's about what I have for you at the moment. See you next month.


Michael McGowan
OIC, 225th MSG

Posted: November 2012 SFMCNewsBot